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Suggestions to Parents/Guardians
1. Look into the School Diary daily to see the child’s home assignments/projects, teachers’ remarks and circulars.
2. Address all communication to the Principal and not to the Class teacher or any specific teacher.
3. Co-operate with the school to help the child progress in the right earnest.
4. Take special care of the child’s regularity, punctuality and discipline.
5. Inform in writing about any change in telephone number so that MSPS reaches you for providing necessary information.
6. Intimate in writing about the change of your address.
7. In case of any complaint or grievance or to know about the child’s performance, contact the Principal.
8. Do not criticize teachers or the school in the presence of your child because it results in making the child lose respect for teachers.
9. Pay the fee well in time.
10. Motivate the child and do not chide him/her.
11. Do not send Tiffin through anyone. If the child has forgotten to bring it, he can have eatables from the canteen.
1. Be firm with your child. It makes him/her feel secure.
2. Ensure that he spends time for self study as well.
3. Don’t pamper your child.
4. Love your child but don’t spoil him.
5. Correct him/her in private and not in public.
6. Help your child not to develop bad habits. It depends on you to detect bad habits at early stages.
7. When needed, your child is allowed to use the school phone to contact you. Please don’t give him a mobile phone.
8. Your child is quickly growing up. So spend some quality time with him/her to keep pace with his/her growth.
9. Appreciate your child for whatever good he has done.
10. Motivate him to take part in sports and co-curricular activities.

11. Give him/her good company so that he/she does not search for it outside.