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About School
The soul of education is the development of a child - physical, intellectual, emotional, psychic and spiritual. ST LAWRENCE DAY PUBLIC SCHOOL, SIWAN is dedicated to focus its energy, thinking and planning towards realizing this objective for every child. Genuine love and care makes a child identify himself/herself with teachers and the school. Sincere and constant efforts are made to permeate the school atmosphere with love and care through a well knit programme of persuasive value oriented education.
1.To enable education beyond the syllabus.
2.Our students excellent opportunities for their intellectual.
3.To provide all amenities for value-added education.
4.Finding Innovative Applications of Technology

Our Philosophy (We at ST. LAWRENCE DAY PUBLIC SCHOOL believe in)
• Students’ learning should be celebrated at every possible opportunity.
• Students thrive in a supportive, happy and safe environment in which they are valued and respected
• Global perspectives and understandings will be encouraged and taught in an age appropriate, open minded fashion.
• The student’s best interests will be at the centre of all decision making.
• Parents, children and the school form a unique partnership to support successful learning.
• Students are naturally inquisitive and will learn most effectively through an inquiry driven curriculum.
• We follow the Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory of teaching which helps students achieve their full potential through a creative, differentiated, challenging and planned process of teaching and learning.
• Students need strategies to successfully prepare them for the many and varied challenges (academic and social) that they will have to manage at different stages of their lives.
• Teachers employed at India International School will embrace and contribute to the ethos of the school.
Vision & Mission
To provide quality, comprehensive education and raise compassionate global citizens.
To facilitate life-long learning beyond knowledge acquisition by providing them skills to comprehend, apply, appreciate, analyze, synthesize and evaluate.
 School Rules & Regulations
  • All the Pupils must attend school regularly and punctually
  • All the Pupils must attend school regularly and punctually
  • Parents must submit a leave application for more than 2 days leave. This may be done via email or written in a proper sheet of paper, sealed in an envelope and addressed to the class teacher.
  • A medical certificate must be produced if the pupil is absent for more than three days,
  • When the pupil returns to school after the absence of even a single day or half a day, parents must state the reason in the school diary.
  • Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without permission. Half day leave is not to be encouraged.
  • Test and Examinations will not be rescheduled even if the absence is due to illness
  • Long leave for weddings of family members, family functions etc during school days/session will not be granted.
  • No leave will be granted to students on the days when there are school functions like Sports Day and Annual Day
  • A minimum of 80% attendance for each term is compulsory. Consideration will be made if the medical reason is justified. Pupils with attendance below 60% will have to repeat the class.
  • The pass percentage for middle and high school is 40% in all the subjects.
  • Self Discipline is important.
  • All students are expected to reach the school before the bell rings.
  • Pupils should maintain hygiene and cleanliness within the school campus and in the bus
  • Pupils should behave politely.
  • The medium of instruction and communication is English in the school campus.
  • Under no pretext can a pupil miss any teaching , games/activity period unless prior permission is taken. The Academic Head and Co-Ordinators are the points of contact for all communications.